We understand what it’s like to be embarrassed to smile and if you’ve ever found yourself holding back on family photos or you find yourself placing your hand over your mouth every time you laugh or smile, you’re definitely not alone. However, there is another way!

It may come as a surprise to you, but 80% of us here in the UK hate their pearly whites.

And if a few years of poor oral hygiene, drinking lots of fizzy drinks or smoking has had a negative impact on your teeth, Kingsgate Dental, in the heart of Durham city centre, can help with our wide range of treatments.

From dental implants to teeth whitening, we promise to find a solution that will have you smiling with confidence in no time. And remember, we believe everyone should have access to a great dentist, and that’s why we offer interest-free payment options on all of our procedures.

Did you know that holding back on flashing your teeth can actually deprive you of an array of natural and social health benefits?

A recent American study found that students, who smiled widely in their yearbook snaps, demonstrated better health, both mentally and physically, throughout their young adult lives, when compared to those who didn’t!

So, having the confidence to smile and the way your teeth look, can provide a range of health and psychological benefits.

According to the study, producing feel-good endorphins can also help sustain a healthy heart and can also provide a welcome boost to your immune system, giving you a healthy and longer life.

So, how can Kingsgate Dental help?

We understand how powerful a beautiful smile can be, both for your personal confidence and the effect it has on the others around you.

We specialise in smile makeovers and helping people, who are embarrassed to smile, overcome their fears with first-class, modern dentistry.

We are a leading cosmetic dentist and private dentist in Huddersfield and will give you a free consultation so we can discuss your options and suggest treatments that will compliment your teeth and your lifestyle.

Everyone is different, so we’ll have a thorough one to one with you so we can make suggestions and put your bespoke plan in place.

If you want new found freedom from loose dentures or bad teeth, or just need a little cosmetic enhancement or a full smile makeover, we will have the solution to your needs.

If you want a healthy straight white smile and want to restore your confidence with beautiful teeth, we’re here whenever you need us.